Balancing Complexity in Sass

When is a Sass file too complicated? How far should you go with Sass?

Joining LinkedIn

After six years at, I’m joining LinkedIn and pursuing my dream job of working on open source, front end architecture, and developer relations.

Sass 3.2 makes authoring CSS3 as easy as it will be

After more than a year in the making, Sass 3.2 is released and makes it easier than ever to wrangle CSS.

Standardizing Incompatibilities

It’s time for the W3C CSS Working Group to enable a CSS Ecosystem

Building Responsive Layouts with Sass

Steps to build responsive grids and layouts with Sass

Help the UMDF: CSS Summit 2011 Ticket Contest

Win one of two free tickets to the best online CSS conference in the world.

My wife told me a joke

I think my response was telling.

This Giving Season:
Please Donate to the UMDF

Help change a child’s life: Donate to the UMDF on behalf of Compass.

Compass Extensions are Easy

How to make a simple compass extension.

Compass & Lemonade

Nico Hagenburger is joining the Compass team and Lemonade is becoming part of Compass.

Sass Language Design: Philosophy & Approach

How we analyze and approve or reject new features for Sass.

Sass Recipes: Simple, Working Sass examples

Find sass examples, tips, and tricks developed by the Sass Community.

Building a Personal CSS Framework with Compass

Building a personal CSS framework using compass is easy and provides huge productivity gains for CSS developers.

Refactor My Stylesheets: The Negative Value Mixin

Sometimes a mixin adds negative value to your stylesheet.

SF Bay Area Sass Meetup: June 29, 2010

Announcing the first Compass/Sass Meetup

Working with Nested Application Bundles

Ruby’s Gem Bundler doesn’t like it when you try to nest bundles. Here’s a work-around.

Refactor My Stylesheets: The Edition

See how Chris Eppstein cleans up Digg’s CSS using Sass.

Where are your Images?

Compass helps you find your images when they move.

Compass 1.0 Roadmap

How we’re going to get to v1.0

Compass v0.10 Released

Compass v0.10 is released.

Introducing the Compass Core Team

Eric Meyer and Brandon Mathis are joining the Compass Core Team.

Haml Sucks for Content

Haml is awesome, but if you’re using it for inline markup, you’re doing it wrong.

2009 - In Review

A short post looking back at the past year in my life.

We Can Have Hack Free CSS With the @unsupported Directive

Stylesheets can be hack free with a little help from the W3C.

CSS Class Inheritance: Abstracting Selectors

A discussion of how the concept of CSS Class Inheritance would work and how it differs from mixins.

What is Compass

“I’m trying to understand where Sass ends and Compass begins.” Let me explain…

Separating Style Concerns

Separate the Features, Layout, Design and Typography of your site’s styles for clarity and ease of maintenance.

Why Stylesheet Abstraction Matters

Whether you are a CSS expert or newbie, a programmer or a designer, you need abstractions to quickly and effectively build and maintain the design of your website.

Building a Jekyll Watcher with FSSM

Stop compiling and start watching your jekyll project with FSSM.

Compass Screencast

An hour-long journey through Sass, Compass, and Blueprint.

Setting a Tone with Model Naming

Names affect how we think and communicate. Can they impact a company’s culture?

Disadvantages of CSS Frameworks: A Sass-y Response

My response to a post to Smashing Magazine from way back in 2007