My Work

Places I've worked

Staff Engineer

I am an open source hacker and stylesheet architect. I implement tools that integrate with Sass for LinkedIn's build system and development workflows.

Software Architect

I was the first employee of and I helped them design and build it from concept to market leader in less than two years. I still work here and I love it.


UI Architect

I built the entire Web Management UI for Teneros's flagship product. In python. I also built the web framework that it ran on because Django didn't exist yet.

ITM Software

UI Architect

ITM Software built a suite of web-based IT Business Management Applications. I architected and led development on 3 of the 6 apps that they built. In Java.


Lead UI Engineer

Terraspring was about 10 years ahead of its time. We invented utility computing (as in we coined the phrase), but didn't get anyone rich. Especially me. But I learned to be an engineer while working there with some of the most amazing engineers I've ever met. I implemented a Visio-like graphical network editor with a drag and drop UI for creating and managing virtual networks -- in IE5. I got very good at javascript there.