Compass & Lemonade

I announced on twitter this morning that Nico Hagenburger is joining the Compass team and we are merging his awesome spriting solution, Lemonade, into Compass. As you know, Lemonade takes a lot of the grunt work out of making sprites. If you don’t know, please read up on it here

However, as easy as Lemonade is to use, it can be even easier, and this is the point of the integration. I have been working with Natalie to enhance Sass to make it possible for stylesheets to import from places other than a file on the disk. This general facility will make it possible to store stylesheets in the database, import files that do not follow our normal naming convention, import across the network, etc. Compass will be using this new facility to generate dynamic stylesheets for sprites according to a convention. The plan for this is documented here, but it will be this easy:

Step 1: Drop files into a folder


Step 2: Import the stylesheet and apply mixins

@import "sprites/toolbar";
#toolbar {
  .new  { @include toolbar-sprite("new");  }
  .open { @include toolbar-sprite("open"); }
  .save { @include toolbar-sprite("save"); }
  .undo { @include toolbar-sprite("undo"); }

And voila! You get this CSS:

#toolbar .new,
#toolbar .open,
#toolbar .save,
#toolbar .undo {
  background-image: url(/images/toolbar.png);
  background-repeat: no-repeat;

#toolbar .new { background-position: 0 0; }
#toolbar .open { background-position: 50px 0; }
#toolbar .save { background-position: 25px 0; }
#toolbar .undo { background-position: 75px 0; }

Of course, this is just the basic usage. Much more can be done! Look for this feature in Compass v0.11.

Your feedback is both welcomed and encouraged in the comments below.