Working with Nested Application Bundles

Once you use bundler to establish a bundled environment, all the ruby code you run, even in a sub-shell will know about the application bundle. This is a feature, and a great one at that – but sometimes it gets in the way. For instance, we use Integrity CI at which is itself a bundled application. When we shell out to start our application, the Integrity bundle was infecting our own application’s bundle. We worked around this by adding a few lines to our shell environment:

export PATH=${PATH#/path/to/app/vendor/bundle/bin:}

Here’s what it does:

  • The first line removes the bundle’s executables from the PATH.
  • The second line makes bundler forget what bundle it was using.
  • The third line keeps ruby from trying to establish a bundled environment when it starts up.

Perhaps bundler could provide a way to forget these settings, but until then, it’s not too hard to manage it yourself in the rare exception where you need to nest bundled applications.