Introducing the Compass Core Team

Please join me in welcoming Eric Meyer and Brandon Mathis to the newly formed Compass Core Team. If you’ve been involved in the community, they probably don’t need any introduction. Eric is the creator of the Susy Framework (with some help from his brother, Carl) and Brandon is the creator of Fancy Buttons and Octopress.

Both of them have impressed me with their devotion to the project, the community, and their creativity and cutting edge use of Compass and Sass on the many websites that they have built. They are thought leaders in the world of Open Source Design – the very thing that Compass is all about and I know that they will help us take Compass to the next level. Beyond that, we all get along and work really well together. I am very excited to be working with them on this project!

If you haven’t yet, go follow them on Github (Eric/Brandon) and Twitter (Eric/Brandon)!